Friday, 7 December 2007

DONT WALK Launch Party a Success

The DONT WALK Launch Party, with its "Street Chic" theme, was a fantastic success! Over 350 people attended the sold-out event held at the Oak Rooms this week. The champagne flowed as partygoes enjoyed two DJs, multiple bars and an exhibition of the Dont Walk mug shot campaign.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Monday, 19 November 2007


we are DONT WALK: real students for a very real cause.

different is hot.

who says you can't look good in handcuffs?

all DONT WALK photography shot exclusively by Kayhan (

make-up by Kelly Trueman

Friday, 16 November 2007

DONT WALK 2007 runway

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This year the DONT WALK Charity Fashion Show will be supporting Opportunity International, one of the largest micro-finance organizations in the world. Please check out for more informaion!


The DON'T WALK Charity Fashion Show Committee

Emma Parker- Director
Sophie Cole- Fashion Director
James Umbers- Finance Director
Katia Menegon- Publicity
Abbie Taylor- PR and Press
Ana Biloglav- Sponsorship
David Shapland- Sponsorship
Arthur Sweerts- Front of House
Charlie Venables- Front of House
Cabot Lyman- Front of House
Jonny Deacon- Choreography
Caroline Ford- Choreography
Andrew Kelly- Party Planning
Catalina Zbar- Party Planning
Amelia McGuigan Burns - Party Planning

Thursday, 25 October 2007


Dont Walk is proud to announce our Models for the 2007-2008 Fashion Show!

ALEXANDRA KERR, 2nd year student
CHARLOTTE FLYVHOLM, 4th year student
JASMINA KNEZOVIC, 4th year student
KATIE MULHERIN, 4th year student
KATIE THOMAS, 3rd year student
CITIZEN SIGMUND, 2nd year student
VERITY DOUGLAS, 4th year student
ISLA MACKENZIE, 2nd year student
MARGOT DE ZIEGLER, 1st year student
SIOBHAN DEVLIN, 1st year student
SOPHIE WOOD-GOULBOURN, 2nd year student
CAROLINE FORD, 3rd year student

IGOR SLEPOV, 3rd year student
CHARLES BUXTON, 2nd year student
RICHARD CRASKE, 2nd year student
JAMES PARROTT, 2nd year student
SANDY RITCHIE, 4th year student
LOUIS SUPPLE, 1st year student
ED HALL-SMITH, 1st year student
ED ASTLEY-BIRTWISTLE, 3rd year student
JONNY DEACON, 4th year student
WILL SCOTT MONCRIEFF, 3rd year student